Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Infrastructure Renewal in Wortley Village

I've been going door-to-door in Ward 11 this summer to introduce myself to residents who have not met me yet, and to ask about the issues that concern folks in our neighbourhoods. Yesterday, my canvassing partner and I turned the corner onto Elmwood Avenue, and boy was it tricky picking our way through the construction zone on Elmwood and Marley Place!

To those of who have to deal with all these roadworks on a daily basis, you have my sympathy. If it makes things easier, though, keep in mind that this is vital work -- our water mains were certainly ready to be replaced.

Once Marley Place is finished, the workers will move on to Duchess Avenue. For more information on the project, including timelines, contractors, and impact on parking, please visit the link here.

See you 'round town!

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